The mHealth Plugathon from IHE-Europe

The mHealth Plugathon from IHE-Europe is a test event dedicated to mobile applications and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It incorporates a unique learning opportunity leveraging IHE experiences from the well-established IHE-Europe Connectathon. It provides a platform for the mHealth Apps Community to innovate, often on the fly, connecting their Apps with the APIs of health IT product solutions in a standardised way.


The event takes place alongside the IHE-Europe Connectathon, as pioneered in Venice 2017, and is expected to greatly expand over the coming years. Apps Developers - who value the flexibility this interaction and working environment that the Connectathon offers - will significantly benefit from the presence of e-Health vendors, users and industry experts.

Learning and Testing at the mHealth Plugathon

Participants choose freely from the current three Tracks based on their area of interests:

  • Access and sharing healthcare records - IHE mobile Profiles (based on HL7 FHIR®) currently including mHD, PIXm, PDQm, mXDE.
  • Connecting to personal medical devices - Devices on FHIR® (in conjunction with PCHA).
  • Accessing and display of medical images - DICOM web with WADO-RS and QIDO-RS.

For more information on the next Plugathon, please have a look at the mHealth Plugathon Flyer.

Why Participate?

Mauro Zanardini, the 2017 mHealth Plugathon Coordinator provides the answers, “2017 was a blend of well-attended educational sessions that translated into really enthusiastic test sessions with the mHealth Community. They were excited to learn from IHE activities and see the potential for new use cases using IHE mHealth Profiles.” This year’s Plugathon encourages the mobile Apps Development Community to look at the huge opportunities of working with eHealth vendors and users - Hospital CIOs and eHealth Regional/National Competence Centre architects and experts.



  • Invaluable learning experiences from the 2-day educational event.
  • Intense hands-on test opportunities with APIs from vendors of health IT solutions.
  • Apps Developers will generate business opportunities by merely being present.
    • Fostering new relationships with users and vendors – infrastructure / API Developers.
    • Assessing the maturity of Apps and reach of their API platform.
    • Linking with over 100 large and small vendors who participate in the IHE-Europe. Connectathon across key healthcare Domains - learning from their experiences.
  • Networking opportunities with over 1000 European attendees to the IHE-Europe Connectathon, including parallel interoperability events.
  • Providing new opportunities for API Developers to expand and support further use cases.

Registration for the 3rd mHealth Plugathon 17-18 April, in the historic city of The Hague, is now formally OPEN.