The mHealth Plugathon from IHE-Europe

The mHealth Plugathon brings the experience and robustness of IHE's tested-and-proven Connectathon to the rapidly changing world of Mobile Healthcare. More and more patients and care providers alike are requiring access to healthcare data using modern devices – smartphones, tablets, dedicated devices. Not only does this mean a different set of devices, but also a different set of participants – startups and app developers, next to the corporate infrastructure providers.


Healthcare and Mobile: a rapidly changing world

Healthcare services are exposed through API's over the Internet in the same way as map data, weather reports and flight statuses already are. Not all the older standards are applied here – this is the world where FHIR, DICOMweb, RESTful services and JSON data are used.

Are you an app developer? A smart startup wanting to access the healthcare arena? Or an established party looking to expand into mobile? The mHealth Plugathon will provide an opportunity:

  • to learn about the IHE Profiles and the IHE processes
  • to test apps against live servers with IHE profiles such as mHD, PIXm, PDQm, WADORS, QIDO-RS and others to access structured data, documents and images
  • to learn the ins and outs of those profiles from the experts at the Plugathon.

The healthcare world needs people who can develop smart applications, leveraging existing data for patients and professionals. Are you into machine learning, natural language processing, social media, big data? See how your expertise and ideas fit into the healthcare world.

Are you a healthcare systems provider looking to expand into Mobile? Looking to test your API services? Here you can:

  • see if your API's are an attractive proposal to the app developing world
  • learn how standards-compliant your services are, and improve on the spot

The mHealth Plugathon Days

We will have educational sessions, live test servers, experts on the spot and plenty of opportunity to hack and test against the test servers and other participants. The programme for the mHealth Plugathon (17-18 April):

Morning: learning and kick-off sessions

  • IHE and the Connectathon Process
  • IHE Profiles and FHIR
  • Kickoff: MHD, PDQm and available servers
  • Kickoff: DICOMweb and available servers

Start hacking!

  • Set your a goals
  • Connect with partners
  • Experts available on the floor

Impromptu sessions for questions, explanations, sharing

  • We will set up short impromptu sessions to answer questions and solve problems on the spot as needed

End: wrap-up, takeaways, moving forward to the next mHealth Plugathon

How to participate

You're welcome at the mHealth Plugathon to learn, share ideas and test software. And there's the opportunity to network with over 100 large and small vendors and over 1000 attendees at the Connectathon. All in all: a great opportunity to start or expand in Mobile Healthcare!