Join with colleagues to develop the seamless exchange of patient data helping advance better patient care through shared digital records.

IHE-Europe can be found working on the local, national and pan-European level to build the seamless exchange of patient data. We welcome you to join our activities wherever you believe your efforts can have the greatest impact.

You can become involved with IHE-Europe in three areas:

  • Supporting activities
  • Participating in events
  • Working with a Committee

To achieve its purpose, IHE-Europe supports, promotes and facilitates the use of IHE Integration Profiles through means such as educational activities, success stories and Integration Statements. IHE-Europe also supports national-level IHE activities in order to incorporate national requirements into interoperability requirements and live demonstrations of interoperability at the national level in Europe.

To become involved in IHE-Europe, identify your interest either by a specific domain of healthcare or a particular country. Then contact the IHE-Europe Secretariat to find where you can best apply your interest.

Become a Member

If your organisation is interested in becoming a member of IHE-Europe, please complete the following application form and send it to the IHE-Europe Secretariat.

Applications will be reviewed by the IHE-Europe Executive Committee, validated by the Steering Committee and submitted to the General Assembly for approval (see also Statutes, TITLE II: MEMBERS).