The Projectathon is a testing session dedicated to a specific project using a set of IHE Profiles in their interoperability specifications.

As for the IHE Connectathon, participants will test conformity and interoperability of their systems or solutions against the project specifications based on IHE Profiles. Specific test plans and customised testing tools will be used by the Gazelle testing management in order to perform a set of tests and to verify that the systems have correctly implemented the specifications. 

The organisation which has the lead of the project has the responsibility to define the testing criteria for the project requirements and publishes the results at the end of the Projectathon. The testing session is delegated to the IHE team. IHE is experienced and provides the necessary skills for managing such a testing event. The Projectathon can be used to support the conformity, quality label or certification process launched by the project.

The epSOS project was the first project that used the Projectathon facilities for testing cross-border medical exchanges. The epSOS interoperability specifications describe how to request and to display a patient summary or an ePrescription for a patient from country A by a healthcare professional from country B when the patient is living in or visiting country B. Several IHE Profiles such as XDR, ATNA, CT, XCA, XCPD and BPPC were selected and embedded in the specifications.



Five epSOS Projectathons were set up, starting in 2010 in Bratislava (Slovakia), and were completed by the EXPANDATHON in Lisbon in December 2015, where several countries tested their National Contact Point (NCP) in a controlled testing environment.

The Projectathon is one step of the complete testing process from prototype, pre-pilot environment to the real world. The same testing environment will support each step of the testing process, organised as a face-to-face or a virtual testing event.


  Connectathon Projectathon
Governance Under the supervision of IHE regional/national deployment. Under the supervision of the project (the lead organisation).
Rules for passing IHE test methods are used.
Criteria are developed in the IHE Test Plan.
Test methods are customised to fit the project specifications.
Criteria are developed by the project.
Publication of the results IHE Connectathon Results. Published by the project (the lead organisation).