Gazelle is a test bed aimed at testing the interoperability of eHealth information systems.

It is developed by IHE-Europe with the support of several other IHE countries (USA, Japan, Korea and Australia). The development was initiated in 2006 with a team of developers from INRIA and continued with the team moving to Kereval. The development of the Gazelle Test Bed is the second generation of test management tooling developed by IHE.

The first generation tooling was initiated in 2002 with the development of a tool called “Kudu” based on Postgresql and PHP. This first generation tool allowed IHE to structure the Connectathon process and to improve the quality and auditability of testing performed during the Connectathon.

In 2006, with the growth in the number of participants at the Connectathon, it became clear that the tool had to move to a more robust platform in order to support the load and the scalability of such a large project. It was decided to choose Java and Jboss and a development team was established at INRIA Rennes.

In 2011, the Gazelle Test Bed project reached maturity and it was decided to move the development team to a company specialised in testing (Kereval in Rennes) in order to offer a more robust software development environment and deploy a quality management system compatible with the certification requirements of ISO 17025 and Guide 65.

For more information, please also have a look at the Gazelle flyer.

Gazelle Components include:

Gazelle Test Management
The Gazelle Test Manager takes care of conformity and interoperability tests for IHE Profiles, according to their requirements. This tool also allows to manage test campaigns, generate test reports and add non-IHE tests to the set.

Gazelle Test Management tool

Gazelle Assertion Manager
The Gazelle Assertion Manager manages IHE Profiles requirements (assertions) and links them to entities covering them in Gazelle Test Management (test, test step, Technical Framework rule, model- based validation item).

The proxy allows to register raw or SSL-TLS messages exchanged between eHealth products, in order to validate their conformance. It may be linked automatically with the validation services.

Gazelle Security Suite
The Gazelle Security Suite embeds a public key infrastructure, a SSL-TLS simulator and an ATNA questionnaire. Its aim at verifying the conformance of IHE Security Protocols’ implementation.

Validation Services
Gazelle allows developers and integrators of eHealth information systems to verify the conformance of messages and documents they produce with a wide set of Profiles and standards. HL7, CDA, DICOM, XDS.b, XDS-I.b, SECURITY

Simulators (more...)
Gazelle provides a set of simulators to emulate IHE actors, facilitating the tests of IHE transactions supported by eHealth products. PAM, SWF.b, XDS-I.b, XDS.b, XCPD, LAW, SVS, PIX, PDQ, PIXv3, PDQv3, LTW

New Testing Tools on Gazelle Testing

IHE offers a set of tools to help developers of Health IT Systems implement IHE Profiles and also prepare for Connectathons. These tools have been developed by many organisations across the globe.
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