IHE's 2020 Vision

IHE International is driving the interoperability of health IT systems and the seamless exchange of health information. Its aim is to build a more robust organisation as part of its 2020 Vision.

Since its inception in 1998, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) has become a worldwide initiative driving the interoperability of health IT systems. IHE produces standards-based specifications and delivers testing services that enhance the connectivity of HIT products and provide the foundation for exchange of health information.

IHE International has matured into an organisation boasting over 700 organisational members representing 45 countries and 13 domains of clinical and operational expertise. There are also currently 22 national and regional organisations around the world facilitating deployment of IHE specifications.

In addition to publishing the IHE Technical Frameworks, IHE International oversees programmes for Conformity Assessment, testing tool development, liaison with other organisations, education and outreach. To support this expanding role, the IHE International Board is announcing a campaign to build a more robust organisation, ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges--IHE’s 2020 Vision.

IHE’s 2020 Vision is to build on the foundation we have established to:

  • Broaden stakeholder engagement.
  • Increase awareness and adoption of IHE Profiles.
  • Strengthen support for IHE members, Committees, and international deployment organisations.
  • Broaden testing services to improve product and deployment successes.
  • Enhance the organisation’s independence, governance and capacity.

The success of this vision relies on your continued support and participation. Starting in July 2015, IHE International will adopt a fee-based membership model, tiered by type and size of organisation to all stakeholders to participate.


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