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AI Interest Group for Imaging (AIGI) Task Force

Marc Kaemmerer

 Coordinator: Marc Kämmerer

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The main interest and goal of this task force is defining the means for a standardised  and applicable data workflow for actual use cases on how to

  • deploy and maintain AI applications
  • connect AI applications with the end-user’s systems
  • integrate the AI application output in the end-user’s systems
  • collect and provide end-user’s feedback

by seeking the collaboration with other workgroups, e.g., end-user workgroups, actively engaging in their work to reach our goals.

The group’s special focus lies on the requirements specific to European healthcare systems.

The task force recruits its members from any interest group contributing to or using AI workflows – including users, vendors, experts and marketplace operators.

The intended output of this group are best practice white papers, correction proposals, and work item proposals for existing IHE profiles or other standards. Any output contributes to adding missing items in the existing standardized AI workflow. The practicability will be proven in IHE Connectathons.



Multi-country Working Group on Imaging Information Sharing

Coordinators: Charles Parisot, Claudio Saccavini

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The Focus of MCWG is on the Deployment of interoperability for Imaging Information Exchange at a national or regional level.  It intends to do so by bringing together the expertise and an understanding of the state of the art with the purpose to deliver design analysis for specific extensions needed to effectively deploy IHE Profiles, DICOM, FHIR and other standards within countries’ ehealth services.

Benefits: Pool expertise and resources directly engaged in an active national deployment to perform analysis of specific issues and seek increased consistency between such deployments. Contribute in a more effective way to request profile (link to IHE technical committees) or standard extensions.

Deliverables: Analysis Papers to be developed and delivered as Multi-Country Working Group recommendations.  These analysis papers are intended to be sufficiently mature and complete (multi-country consensus) so they can be offered for adoption and included into the national interoperability frameworks upon a rapid review and decision.  Recordings of existing deployment experiences.

Position: There is a clear intent to not duplicate European cross-border coordination such as EU projects: X-Health, eHDSI, EHDS, 2013-Joint Action-Starting Summer 2023, by limiting focus on “national ehealth imaging deployment’.  Interface with those EU projects to align. Collaborate with international SDOs (HL7, CEN, ISO, DICOM), as well as with IHE International Technical and Planning Committees.

Host: IHE-Europe has accepted to provide secretariat and IHE Catalyst to provide a technical coordinator. The group is established under the IHE-Europe European Affairs Committee.

Membership: The Multi-Country Working Group is OPEN to all countries with a focus on European countries.  The country focal points need to have gained the necessary support within their country and be sustainable to deliver the right attention to each issue resolution in a matter of weeks not months working collaboratively with other country focal points.

Presentations at MCWG on experiences from specific deployments:

  • Veneto Region (Italy) April 28, 2023 
  • Quebec Province (Canada) June 15, 2023  
  • French National Image Sharing, July 19, 2023

Would you like to catch up on past recordings and join the discussion? Send us an e-mail to be a part of the experience!

Issues of Interest:

These issues have been identified by brainstorming among the participants between November 2022 and January 2023.

MCWG maintains this ordered list of Potential Issues of Interest within the Imaging Information Sharing Area of Focus. These will be reviewed for action in September 2023.


For further information please contact the IHE-Europe Secretariat