XDS metadata for exchange medical documents and images guideline

A taskforce of 9 European countries worked together to deliver an "XDS metadata for exchange medical documents and images guideline" with the goals of sharing experiences on XDS implementation in European countries;

Sharing views on how the metadata are used (use cases, terminologies, data and finding a common way to harmonize the metadata,  building an implementation guide for those wanting to implement XDS metadata in future projects.

It’s important to have one voice for all European countries

What is the importance of this cooperation?

IHE-Netherlands interviewed Peter Mildenberger, User Co-Chair of IHE-Europe, about IHE's role in Europe. Click here for the whole article.


Goal for the epSOS eHealth Project:

“to develop a practical eHealth framework and ICT infrastructure [based on existing national infrastructures] that will enable secure access to patient health information, particularly with respect to a basic patient summary and e-Prescription, between European health care systems”